JCS - English conversation and teacher dispatch services


Pre-Schools And Kindergartens

For many years we at JCS have run English programs at pre-schools and kindergartens throughout the Kurume and Chikugo area (see some of our clients below). We are known for reliability, and our programs and teachers are popular among children and staff alike. Parents today want their children to be exposed to English. Let JCS bring a reasonably priced program to your pre-school or kindergarten.

Some of our pre-school and kindergarten clients:

  • Asakura (all 16 public and private preschools in Asakura City)
  • hodai Kindergarten (Yame)
  • Okinohata preschool
  • Nazuna preschool
  • Aoitori preschool
  • Waku-aoitori preschool
  • Sumire Kindergarten (Kurume)
  • Amagi Kindergarten
  • Tsubuku Kindergarten
  • Monju Kindergarten
  • and many others