JCS - English conversation and teacher dispatch services


ALT Services

JCS is based in Kurume and we have served the Chikugo region for many years. Our management and staff send their own children to local schools. We have a strong motivation to see that children in this region have the best possible chance to become proficient at English. Unlike large nationwide ALT providers, we are able to pay close attention to the needs of each school and the performance of each teacher, and we are always right at hand to solve any problems that arise. JCS can also arrange training programs for ALTs provided by other companies or hired directly by school districts. Call JCS and let us help you manage your ALT programs.

Some of our ALT clients:

  • Hoshino Elementary School
  • Mukutani Elementary School
  • Nitahara Elementary School
  • Ono Elementary School
  • Nishimuta Elementary School
  • Inuzuka Elementary School
  • and many others