JCS - English conversation and teacher dispatch services


Technical Schools And Colleges

English programs are mandatory at many types of technical schools and colleges, yet the costs of hiring a full-time native teacher can be prohibitive. Many schools have experienced problems when they have tried to directly hire full- or part-time native speakers. For these and other reasons, many technical schools and colleges rely on JCS teachers to handle their English conversation programs. JCS teachers are professional and reliable, and with JCS you know that we are there to manage quality control, ensure smooth communication, and handle any problems that might arise.

JCS also sends its teachers to help other teachers and professionals, especially medical doctors, to maintain their English proficiency.

Some of our clients:

  • Hollywood Beauty College
  • Yame Nursing School
  • Fukuoka Kokudo Technical College
  • Fukuoka Prefecture Employee Training Center
  • Kurume University OBGYN Department
  • Urology Dept
  • Orthopedics Dept
  • Medical Biochemistry Dept
  • and many others