A Word About Translation.

Translation is a difficult task. Few Japanese translators have a perfect grasp of English idiom, and Japan remains famous for the poor quality of its English translations. Reports, catalogues, and communications are too often garbled and ungrammatical, and this can obviously have an adverse affect on the reputation of a company or its products. For this reason nearly all quality-sensitive material translated from Japanese into English requires a final edit by a qualified native speaking editor or translator. At JCS we specialize in this type of high-end, quality-sensitive translation, including IR materials, annual and other reports, disclosures, press releases, advertising and other materials intended for public dissemination. We will also edit, check and proofread your own in-house translations to ensure that your end product is the highest possible quality.

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Director of JCS Translation and Editing Center:

Profile: Studied at Yale University (Humanities), Waseda University (Japanese language and culture), and Oregon State University (agricultural and resource economics).

Currently serves as

  • Editorial consultant, The Kurume Medical Journal
  • Part-time lecturer, Kurume University School of Medicine, Graduate School
  • Part-time lecturer, The Open University of Japan
  • Kurume Medical Journal (Editorial Counselor)