Translation And Editing Services

JCS specializes in high-end, quality-sensitive translation, including IR materials, annual and other reports, disclosures, press releases, advertising and other materials intended for public dissemination. We will also edit, check and proofread your own in-house translations to ensure that your end product is the highest possible quality.

In addition JCS has over 25 years of experience proofreading and editing medical reports from scientists at top universities all over Japan. Papers we have edited have been published in Nature and all the top medical journals, and cover virtually every medical specialization.

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(We specialize in English but also have the ability to handle Chinese, Korean, Russian and all the major European languages)

A few of our customers:

  • Nomura Real Estate Capital Management
  • Dentsu Inc.
  • Five Cs
  • Leopalace21
  • Kajima
  • Nichirei Corporation
  • Nikon
  • Niipponkoa, and many others

Academic and University related:

  • Tohoku University (Inoue Plan, etc.)
  • Kurume University School of Medicine
  • Kurume University Center for Innovative Cancer Therapy
  • Kumamoto University Graduate School
  • University of Occupational and Environmental Health
  • Japan Red Cross Kumamoto Health Center
  • Shimane University Medical School
  • Kyushu Sangyo University
  • Aomori University
  • Kitazato University
  • Shimane Prefectural Central Hospital
  • and many others