1. Is JCS an English school?
No, at JCS we don’t have our own classrooms, except for private lessons at our Head Office. At JCS we specialize in sending our teachers out to our clients’ homes, offices and classrooms. If you need a place to study, we’ll help you find one.

2. Who are your clients?
We serve a wide range of clients throughout Fukuoka Prefecture, from pre-schools, kindergartens and elementary schools, to medical doctors and scientists, to major Japanese corporations such as Nissan and Sony. We also teach private or group classes for children and adults.

3. Who are your teachers?
We have a wide range of professional, experienced Japanese and foreign teachers working for us on a full or part-time basis.

4. Can your teachers speak Japanese?
Yes, nearly all JCS teachers can speak conversational Japanese.

5. I would like to ask JCS to arrange an English class. What do I do first?
First give us a call or send us an email. Together we will consult about your goals and objectives, determine what type of program and materials you need, confirm when and where you wish to study, and when you wish to start. Then we will select an appropriate teacher from the pool of teachers we have available, and make a proposal.

6. Can I have a sample lesson?

Yes, we can arrange for a sample lesson so that you can meet the teacher and decide whether he or she meets your needs.

7. How much do your services cost?

Our fee depends on a number of factors, but a typical one hour class held 4 times per month will generally cost between ¥25,000~¥40,000/month (including travel costs), depending on the time of day (morning or evening), day of the week (weekday or weekend), length of each lesson, term of study, distance the teacher must travel, and so on. In principle JCS bases its fees on the length of the class, not the number of students. The more students in your group, the lower the cost per individual. Call us for more details about your specific situation, and we will be happy to provide you with a estimate.

8. How do I pay? Can I pay by credit card?
Payment is usually by direct bank transfer. You can also pay by credit card through Paypal  if you open an Paypal account (which is free of charge).

9. What if I decide I don’t like the teacher?
JCS will make every effort to send you a teacher that you will like. However, in the rare case that you would like to change teachers, we will find you a new one. We will handle everything to make sure you are satisfied.

10. I am going overseas to a conference. Do you offer short-term intensive courses?
Yes, we can offer short-term and intensive courses to help you brush up your English before going overseas.

11. I need to take the TOEIC test. Do you offer TOEIC and TOEFL programs?
Yes, we have experienced teachers ready to help you prepare for these examinations.

12.  My son or daughter is preparing to take a university entrance exam. Can JCS send us a teacher who knows ‘test English’?
Yes, JCS can provide you with teachers to meet almost every need.

13. Can you send a teacher to work at my pre-school or kindergarten?
Yes! JCS is an expert at pre-school and kindergarten classes. We have contracts with many different pre-schools and kindergartens throughout Fukuoka prefecture. (link)

14.  I would like my children to study, but a private lesson is beyond my budget. What are my options?
One option would be to organize a neighborhood class. If you are able to gather 5~10 children together, the cost per person can be as low as ¥3000/month.

15. Our school or local board of education is looking for ALTs. Can JCS supply us with ALTs to work
in public elementary and junior high schools?
Yes. JCS has many years of experience sending native speakers to teach in elementary and junior high schools. Contact us and we will be happy to submit a bid for our services. We are a local company and are anxious to serve the local community, especially students who will need English in future.

16. Does JCS teach private lessons?
Yes, JCS teachers are available for private lessons.

17. Our company wants to start an English training program for new staff. Can JCS help us?
Yes. JCS organizes and runs English training programs for many major Japanese companies, as well as many local companies.

18. I operate my own small language school or juku but I am short of trained staff. Can JCS help me?
Yes, JCS sends teachers to various types of public and private schools.